As an eshetician, I spent years applying all of the latest and greatest products to my clients' skin but didn't actually look at what was in them until I began suffering from an autoimmune issue. I saw many of my clients and loved ones suffer from toxic related illnesses like cancer, acne, and psoriasis, and sought to create something clean that aided health instead of harming it.

I kept a journal of all my favorite ingredients from around the globe, and read herbal books to find natural ways to heal. I knew I wanted to create something vegan, cruelty-free and as natural as possible.

It wasn't until I took a trip to Iceland that I saw a culture that truly lives symbiotically with nature. Sustainable energy and chemical free skin care inspired me to bring what I found to the United States.

I began experimenting and didn't finalize my formulation until a year later—and after letting clients and friends try it—took to the web to make it available for others.
ŌDIN's first product; Skin Perfecting Serum was born, and it's just the beginning. I believe the future is moving toward a much more eco-conscious, natural mindset.
ŌDIN is the Norse God of Alchemy—a tradition of rituals practiced throughout Northern Europe. It aims to purify and perfect the self.

Here at ŌDIN, we celebrate this idea of the beauty ritual—honoring the act of adorning and caring for the human form with reverence for nature.

Using only plant-based ingredients, we call upon the wisdom of the ancient healing sciences to create magically synergistic potions to nourish, restore, and protect the natural beauty of your skin.
We believe in providing potent and pure botanical elixirs to nourish and balance skin. Drawing upon the wisdom of natural healing traditions, our products yield visible results without the use of toxic ingredients. 

We hope to spread the healing power of plants through products designed to return a sense of magic and alchemy to our beauty rituals.  Each ŌDIN creation is a potent product fully composed of actives and free of the unnecessary fillers so prevalent in many other cosmetics.
We say no to animal testing. All ŌDIN products are cruelty-free. We approach our formulations with the mindset of an herbal healer— each ingredient is carefully curated and selected for a specific, beautifying purpose. 
100% cruelty-free and Vegan
Made sustainably in the USA