ŌDIN is the Norse God of Alchemy—a tradition of rituals practiced throughout Northern Europe. The goal of Alchemy is to purify and perfect.

Here at ŌDIN, we celebrate this idea of purity and perfection by using only the highest quality ingredients and focus on the beauty ritual—honoring the act of caring for the skin with reverence and consistency. Using only plant-based ingredients, we create magically synergistic products to nourish and reverse damage to restore the skin. Our products yield visible results without the use of toxic chemicals. 

We say no to animal testing. All ŌDIN products are cruelty-free and vegan. We approach our formulations with the mindset of an herbal healer and a scientist— each ingredient is carefully curated and selected for a specific, beautifying purpose. We use ingredients that are clean, sustainable and scientifically proven to create change. The environment is important to us. Without it, we will no longer continue to reap the benefits nature provides. To ensure this, our product manufacturing and packaging is eco-friendly.