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I love this serum. I am 58 years old and am not big on purchasing beauty products. This product has made me a believer and lifetime customer. I noticed the softness of my face after the first application. After a week if use I feel my complection is brighter and more evenly toned. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Moni - Bath, New York

I've never really used any product except lotion after the odd sunburn. But my GF (girlfriend) recommended that it might be time to try new things and add a few tricks to my routine. As a triathlete, I'm outside all the time and exposed to the elements more than most and started showing some signs of weathering. (I actually just thought that was well earned displays of my hard miles on the bike and in the pool.) It turns out, my skin was just parched. I started using ODIN plus moisturizer and can't imaging how I got this far without it. I use it 2X daily and my skin just drinks it up. I love it. This stuff rocks!

Gordon - LA, California

This stuff is unbelievable. I was expecting some skin smoothing and brightening but I wasn't expecting the way this miracle serum completely firms the skin on my neck and face. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to maintain firmer, clearer and smoother skin.

Aryn - Chicago, IL

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